Condensation Treatments in Leeds


Condensation differs from rising and penetrating damp in that it is caused by excessive moisture within the atmosphere that cannot escape from a building rather than moisture coming in.

We provide condensation treatments in Leeds and the whole of West Yorkshire.

The first sign that condensation is a problem is when black pinpricks of mould appear on walls, ceilings and even furnishings. There is usually a "musty smell" present and clothes and shoes in cupboards can become covered in a white or green furry mould. Factors, which contribute to condensation, include not opening windows, drying washing inside or using unvented tumble dryers and inadequate heating, but the biggest cause of condensation is the use of portable calor gas heaters. If the cause of the condensation is not rectified the pin pricks of mould will grow and can eventually cover whole walls and ceilings and ruin clothes and decorations.

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